2011 BFA, Fine art, Kyungwon University, Korea. (now Gachon University)

2022 Hoping for a safe day, Cheong-ju Art Studio, Cheongju  
2021 Oksoon's Thread, Seoul Citizens Hall Sound Gallery, Seoul
2020 Plant Life, Chaegchaeg, Seoul
2015 Oksoon’s Room, Bupyeong Art House, Incheon

2022 Surface Breathing, Bullmoji, Incheon 
2022 Michuhol Kaleidoscope, Artable, Incheon 
2022 The Future Opened by X and Y, Cheong-ju Art Studio, Cheongju  
2022 ARTIST PROLOGUE 2022, Art Centre Art Moment, Seoul 
2021 The Artist's Resume, Art Space The necessaries, Seoul
2020 Two Mountains, Tiger1 Artist run space, Seoul
2020 50days of Gwanaksan, Tiger1 Artist run space, Seoul
2019 Drawing in My Room, Gail & Storm, Incheon
2018 Anti-Stress, Artistic Spot Kilimsung, Incheon
2018 New Drawing Project, Chang Ucchin Museum of Art, Yangju
2018 Incheon Art Movement_300 Project,  Art Platform, Incheon
2017 Up+Form, Art Space+Daily Necessities, Seoul
2017 Art x Stay3.3 Project, Min's House, Seoul
2017 Seoul Illustration Fair, COEX D Hall, Seoul
2016 SAMUSO Archive Portfolio Exhibition, Gallery IDA, Gyeonggi
2015 Subong Dabang exhibition 3rd-4th, Incheon (InxOut of Team Project)
2013 O'NewWall May Fest, Space O'NewWall, Seoul
2013 Young Artist Exhibition, Peace Gallery, Seoul
2011 New Artist Preparatory Course, Space Beam, Incheon

Project and Art Workshop
2019 Connectedness Workshop 'Shall we connect?, British Cultural Center, Chuncheon Social Innovation Center, Sangam Cultural Reserve, etc. : Artist facilitator
2018 'Sensory Drawing', Gale & Storm, Incheon
2017 Neighborhood Network Party 'Peeping', Incheon area
2015-2016 INDAF Incheon International Design Fair, Incheon Design Association, Incheon Art Platform : Art Workshop planning
2015 STONEDPROJECT X Sinpo Idiot Label 'Neuron-Neuron' DJ Party, Incheon Art Platform
2015 Art Workshop 'The color of jazz', Incheon Songdo Tribowl Jazz Festival
2015 'Empty House Project', Incheon Yong-il Market : 'Moon Market' planning

Award and support selection
2022 ‘ARTIST PROLOGUE 2022’, New artist at the Art Centre Art moment, Seoul
2021 Seoul Citizens Hall ’WAVE 2021’, Supported by Seoul Foundation For Arts & Culture (SFAC)
2017 Seoul Illustration Fair ‘A Botanical Sketch : Growing, Blooming, and Bear' Collaboration Winner
2016 A self-access Art Education, Supported by Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture (IFAC)
2015 Peer-selected for ’That Support’, Supported by Incheon Foundation For Arts & Culture (IFAC)

2022 Cheongju Art Studio, 16th Artist 
2021 Artist Canvas Online Residency, Science Walden, Unist

Art Centre Art moment, Seoul

2022 Family Life White Paper, Independent Publication Soho
2022 The Artist's Resume, Independent Publication Soho
2020 A day of 365 days, Independent Publication Soho

2021 No Frame Market, Enough Lounge, Seoul
2020-2021 Eulji Art Fair, Eulji  Twin Tower, Seoul
2020 Union Art Fair ‘EXTRA VALUE x ON-LINE’, Space9, Seoul
2020 Sinsu Nightmarket, One pixel-Offline, Seoul
2020 Goldcan Art Plan, Western palace G&C, Seoul
2019 Union Art Fair ‘All About Love’, S Factory, Seoul
2018 Union Art Fair ‘Let’s Make Together’, S Factory, Seoul

COMPANY / BRAND (One-Line-Drawing Show)
2020 SK Company After Party, World Economic Forum, Switzerland
2019 HERMES HOMME Launching Aftershow 'Walk the Line', Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art : line-drawing Collaboration
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